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Awsome NEW Add-on's!


Looking to add something special to your next massage? Look no further!!! Maybe you've tried the All Inclusive Foot Scrub, but now not only can get a foot scrub, but also a back scrub, extra scalp massage time, and what everyone has been asking about...aroma therapy! Check out what's new and add a new dimension to your next massage, because you deserve it!

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Pain Class Series


 Amazing new classes with life changing information. This five class series focuses on what we are all trying to avoid, pain.  There are may different reasons for it, which is why a series is needed. Each class focuses on different types of pain, the causes, prevention's, and how to help yourself at home. Class topics include; muscle aches, back pain, headaches, sprains/strains, and chronic conditions.  For dates, full descriptions, and to sign up please click the "REGISTER" button. 


Best Gift EVER!!!


Not sure what to get for that special someone in your life? Or are you having a hard time figuring out what to tell people YOU want?!? How about the gift of health and relaxation! It's super easy to purchase a gift certificate, simply purchase online and print or email the certificate. The receiver can bring the certificate to show at time of service or redeem when scheduling online. 

Want massage your self? Forward the link "Purchase NOW!" to that person who's been asking what they could get for YOU.

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About Me


Get to know me before booking your first massage! Any questions or concerns I'm only and phone call or email away.

What to Expect at Your Appointment


Have you never had a massage and are wondering what to expect? Here is a play by play of what to expect form your first massage appointment. Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Hear it from the People


Testimonials from clients that have seen me for years and trust me to help take care of the health of their bodies.

How I can help You.

Why Get Massage?


Massage therapy reduces pain, promotes muscle relaxation, prevents permeant scar tissue damage from injury, and improves both mood and sleep quality.

Get the Time You Need.


Your time and money are important.  Unlike a lot of massage places, you will always get the hands-on massage time that you pay for. Any time that is spent before and after the massage for wellness education/questions is a curtesy that you deserve.

Feel Better!


Get massage. Get educated. Get Better!  Let's take the time find the source of the pain, work through it, and let the healing begin!


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4739 Main St Suite 4, Springfield, Oregon 97478, United States



Massages are by appointment only. For bookings and availability click Calendar. Stay up-to-date on walk-in appointment days by following me on Facebook!