About Me


How I Became a Therapist

I first became interested in massage as a teen.  While massaging my family it was pointed out to me that I had strong hands.  I decided that I should use this strength and the fascination/appreciation I had for the human body and apply these to my love of helping people. Helping People + Love for Anatomy = Health Occupation.  In high school I was given the opportunity to job shadow several hands-on health professions (Physical Therapists, Chiropractors Etc.).  When I finally was introduced to massage therapy a door was opened and I was hooked!  Since then, I have studied massage therapy, gotten licensed, practiced, and enjoyed every minute!


What I’ve Done and What I Do

Since starting my professional massage career in 2009, therapeutic massage has been my focus with the use of trigger point therapy, broad elbow work, and hot compression's.  Years ago I found another love for the softer side of massage in oncology and geriatric massage that requires an extra healing and caring touch. I have since gotten certified in hospital based massage training that I have used while massaging as a volunteer for hospice.  In addition I have learned that helping pregnant women through prenatal massage has been the most rewarding.  I get very excited when I have the honor to use my skills as a massage therapist to help them through their pregnancies and the changes that they go through.  I have practiced in two different states working for myself, in spas (Massage Envy), with chiropractors, and for various companies (NVS Massage).  Through all of these experiences and I have found the most important reward is working with and helping people.


My Thoughts on Massage

Massage is amazing, and changes peoples’ lives. One of the main reasons I got into massage and continue to love it is because my primary goal is to help people. Anyone coming to me for massage therapy will get the best care, help, and information I can give. That being said, I can't promise that I can help everyone. Every body is different, therefore each has its own needs that massage may or may not be able to heal. A mark of a good therapist is understanding their client and helping them through their healing journey. Creating a custom massage, and build a trusting/understanding relationship that is the basis for each massage. Although the massage time is important, I feel that it is equally important to encourage and educate clients on the importance of stretching, healthy habits for muscles, and promote overall well-being. I promise to do my part as a massage therapist to help you feel better, always.